The Demo

by Existence

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Released on cassette by:
Moral Panic Records (SE)
Neutral Words Records (UK)


released November 26, 2016

Recorded by ourselves on various locations in Stockholm.
Mixed and mastered by Scott Rockingham.
All songs written by Existence & Viktor Svensson.



all rights reserved


Existence Stockholm, Sweden

Linus - Vocals
LK - Guitar
Simon - Guitar
Leonardo - Bass
Anton - Drums

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Track Name: World Crashing Down
Everywhere I turn all I see is blurred
Weightless I float through the pavement of the street
At the brink of self destruction
I can see my own defeat

I see our world crashing down
Can't outrun the plague of man
There is no way out of this living hell

Exhausted, I see no way forward
A rat waiting to die in his burrow
I feel the ground shaking under my feet
It’s the final sign of this world’s defeat

I see the world in black and white
Things that used to matter are way out of sight
The stream of light is shrinking by the minute
I see a future and we’re not in it

Death, destruction, moral decay
This world is crashing down and we’re the ones to blame
Track Name: Existence
I can’t breathe walking down the street
Smothered by the feeling that I don’t fit in
Malicious eyes like a blade to my neck
They see right through me and every mistake that I’ve made

Lightning rushing through
I can’t control myself
A thousand eyes staring
But I can’t run away
I can’t hide, I can’t run away
Making my way through a world that’s not for me

Crushed by the weight of which I rightfully bear
Sinking fast through the soil and crust of mother earth


I can’t breathe walking down the street
I can hear their voices whispering
Fingers pointing straight at me
Anxiety crawling under my skin

I can hear them talking about me
Despiteful eyes staring right at me
A new threat around every corner
I can't cope and I don't know who to trust
Track Name: The Truth
You run your mouth like you know the truth
There's more to it than your books can teach
Stop acting like your problems are mine to solve
When you're asked to sacrifise you're nowhere to be found

You never had to fight
You never had to suffer
Manufactured struggle
You're nothing but a sucker

Your values only apply
When they suit your purpose
And I don't care about your problems

You don't know who you are
You don't know why you fight
Commitment concieved through a personal crisis

Your struggle is enabled by a sheltered life

Stop acting like your problems are mine to solve
When you're asked to sacrifise you're nowhere to be found
Track Name: Path You Walk
I've seen the path you walk
And where it takes you is a dead end stop
Anxious you suffer, you did this to yourself
You burned the candle on both fucking ends

You made your choice, and I've made mine
Neglect of a human life
I tried to help but you pushed me away

You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to me
I've seen you turn from bad to good, then back again
Every failed attempt of trying to break loose
Tightens the grip around your noose

I wish that I could feel worse than I do
I tried my hardest but nothing got through
Now you're just the remains of what used to be you
Another withered life, an empty shell, buried in the ground