from by Existence



I can’t breathe walking down the street
Smothered by the feeling that I don’t fit in
Malicious eyes like a blade to my neck
They see right through me and every mistake that I’ve made

Lightning rushing through
I can’t control myself
A thousand eyes staring
But I can’t run away
I can’t hide, I can’t run away
Making my way through a world that’s not for me

Crushed by the weight of which I rightfully bear
Sinking fast through the soil and crust of mother earth


I can’t breathe walking down the street
I can hear their voices whispering
Fingers pointing straight at me
Anxiety crawling under my skin

I can hear them talking about me
Despiteful eyes staring right at me
A new threat around every corner
I can't cope and I don't know who to trust


from The Demo, released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Existence Stockholm, Sweden

Linus - Vocals
LK - Guitar
Simon - Guitar
Leonardo - Bass
Anton - Drums

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